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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Saudi Arabia

Tabuk Source: Link Saudi Arabia is as some oldest history on the planet. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world, thanks to its oil field, whose reserves can fill almost 5 million...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in France

Nantes Source: Link The French have a way of life that is unique and well respected all over the world. From their cuisine to urban lifestyle, and the beauty of their cities, it is good to...

Top Most Expensive Cities in Georgia

Just at the point where Europe intersects Asia lies a country, Georgia. The country has a Gross Domestic Product (nominal) of $15.23 billion. At a time, the country got revenue from trading precious metals...

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Hotel Cala Di Volpi, Italy Source: Link The Cala di Volpi has all which is expected from a mediterranean resort and it is located on the island of Sardinia. The Presidential Suite has a fitness center,...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Brazil

Manaus Source: Link Brazil is one of the fast emerging countries in the Americas. The economy of the country has the eight largest GDP in the world. The country flaunts an abundance of natural resources, so...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Canada

Saskatoon Source: Link Canada is the 22nd richest country in the world, the country’s GDP per capita has a total figure of $49,620. Living in Canada can be a bit expensive especially if you dwell in...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Croatia

Koprivnica Source: Link Croatia is a country in the Eastern region of Europe that is located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is an Island country and it is has so many museums sprawled...

Top Most Expensive Cities in India

Coimbatore Source: Link India is the home of Bollywood, a movie company known for churning out blockbusters after blockbusters. The country, though perceived as poor, has some fancy and expensive cities. These are the list of...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in China

Changchun Source: Link China is one of the top socialist economies of the world. The country’s economy is the world’s largest by purchasing power parity and the second largest nation in the world by nominal GDP....

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In The United Kingdom

Southampton Source: Link Sound educational system, good political climate, and job opportunities make the U.K one of the best places to live in the world. There are affordable cities quite all right, but some may be...

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