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Top Most Expensive Cities in India

Coimbatore Source: Link India is the home of Bollywood, a movie company known for churning out blockbusters after blockbusters. The country, though perceived as poor, has some fancy and expensive cities. These are the list of...

Top Most Expensive Cities in Georgia

Just at the point where Europe intersects Asia lies a country, Georgia. The country has a Gross Domestic Product (nominal) of $15.23 billion. At a time, the country got revenue from trading precious metals...

Top Most Expensive Cities in Cuba

Cuba might have experienced some turbulence in recent past, but the country has ‘fought’ doggedly to remain afloat in spite of the political upheaval and strife. Ever since the country stopped receiving help from...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Chile

Temuco Source: Link According to World Bank, Chile is a high-income economy. Chile is known as the most affluent and balanced nation of all the countries in Latin America. The country garnered a Gross Domestic Product...

Top Most Expensive Cities in Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Source: Link The Republic of Guatemala popularly referred to as Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. According to World Bank, the country has a Gross Domestic Product of $68.76 billion and a...

Top Most Expensive Cities in Ecuador

Ambato Source: Link Ecuador is a country lying on the equator along the coast of South America. The country comprises the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos highlands, and Andean highlands. The company generates revenue from products like...

Top 9 Most Expensive Cities in Egypt

Tanta Source: Link Egypt is one of the richest economies in Africa. With a GDP of $1.201 trillion PPP and a nominal GDP of $237.073 billion, the country is on a journey to becoming one of...

Top 8 Most Expensive Cities in Colombia

Manizales Source: Link Colombian has a lot of stunning beaches which line the Caribbean, beautiful cities with lots of breathtaking architecture and side attractions. The country possesses a cable car system that links its metropolitan cities...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Costa Rica

Cartago Source: Link Costa Rica is home to numerous rain and dry forests in the world, these forests are said to be misty clouds. The country whose coastline stretches for miles has over 100 beaches and...

Top 8 Most Expensive Cities in Cyprus

Paphos Source: Link Cyprus, an island located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is a high-income nation with a vibrant culture and...

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