The 10 Most Valuable Enterprise Tech Companies In The World


It is no surprise to anyone that major technology companies are topping the list of the most valuable companies across the word. We at cannot hope to compete in any league with such illustrious company, but we still like to look on to them with great admiration for what they have managed to achieve.

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Probably the most well-known new enterprise that has risen to take the top-spot in the taxi / private hire business sector – but one that completely depends on cutting-edge technology to operate,  is Uber. However, closely snapping at their heels in the taxi sector is their Chinese equivalent, DiDi, who operate a very similar ride-hailing tech-based enterprise operation.

Also coming as no surprise is that the majority of enterprise tech companies are either US or China based. With smartphones and mobile devices such as laptops and tablets dominating the market as essential tools for work, as well as for social networking, well-established firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet are dominating the world.

But we know what you are thinking. Which one is worth the most, right? Well, that depends on the angle you are coming from.  Most financial experts look at a company’s market capitalization, which is it’s total dollar value for its outstanding shares. This is done by multiplying a company’s shares by the current market price for one share.

So, taking a look at how the leading tech companies across the world, and calculating their worth in terms of market capitalization, here is a current list of the top ten most valuable enterprise tech companies by market cap. Bear in mind that the stocks and share prices can fluctuate throughout the year and as statistics are taken for market capitalization in each financial quarter, this list may be subject to change.

  1. Apple
  2. Alphabet
  3. Microsoft
  4. Tencent
  5. Facebook
  6. Samsung
  7. Intel
  8. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
  9. Cisco
  10. Oracle

The top ten companies mentioned in this list pretty much dominate the tech industry, but other very big players often make it into the top ten, including computing giant IBM, software specialist Adobe, and Texas Instruments.

Keep an eye out for strong players such as Salesforce who are currently making waves and rapidly climbing the ladder with their very innovative and cutting-edge integration software developments.